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The objectives of Get Golfing are to increase participation in golf, nurture a culture of inclusion at our venues, and promote the use of our facilities to non-golfers and other non-profit organisations within our communities.

Get Golfing’s CEO, Edward Richardson, proposed that we collectively adopt a different strategy moving forward, where the Club as a whole dedicate its support to one local charity. Get Golfing have hired a designated member of the team who will work with the Captain’s and the chosen charity to promote the following:

  • Fundraising within the membership and visitors for the local charity.
  • Support the charity by creating greater awareness within both the club and the local community, to increase engagement with the charity.
  • Use of club facilities at no cost.

By coming together as a Club, we can achieve more:

  • We can raise more funds for the chosen charity without having to constantly chase members for greater contributions.
  • We can enhance the awareness that the charity’s good work.
  • We will play an active role in helping our local communities and bringing us together in a common goal.
  • We will expand the impact of the chosen charity through our support and the use of our facilities.

Our Club Charity

Redlibbets Golf Club

Horse riding & therapy is an opportunity to help increase self confidence, concentration, physical fitness and self esteem. We teach riding skills to individual clients as well as groups from special needs schools. We work with a physio to help improve riders needs through the use of our ponies. The Centre currently has around 140 regular riders at the Centre every week, each with a specially formulated training and therapy programme to suit individual needs. The riders travel from all over the Southeast to take part in group or one-to-one riding and therapy sessions, focusing on short and long-term goals to improve in their horse riding. No goal is too big or too small – every achievement, whether it is simply trying to gain balance and control or performing on the world equestrian podium, is encouraged and celebrated.

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Arrow Riding Centre

  • Our fundraising journey so far

    Check out how far Redlibbets has come on their fundraising journey so far with the Arrow Riding Centre: