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Club news

We are delighted to be upstairs in the clubhouse but we remain extremely vigilant and would urge all staff, Members and visitors to report any Covid 19 symptoms to the appropriate bodies.

Covid-19: The introduction of the three tier local alert system introduces certain additional restrictions on coming to the golf club and what can be done once you are at the Club.

We will keep the clubhouse open while we are in Tier 1 but we will have to close the clubhouse should Tier 2 occur. 

The courses will stay open throughout and we are working on contingency plans that will enable us to provide food and drinks to Members and visitors both on and off the course.

It is the responsibility of Members, their guests and those playing in golf events to comply with the government regulations as befits their personal circumstances. We would urge all staff, Members and visitors to report any Covid 19 symptoms to the appropriate bodies.

We ask Members to respect the latest government guidance, which seems to be increasingly complex. 

We recognise that these restrictions will have a negative impact on a number of events and those who might participate in them. This is deeply regretted, but we are obliged to follow the regulations and to adapt as they change.

Course news

From Damon Kirk, Course Manager: As part of our continuing development plan for Redlibbets, November will again see us carrying out tree reductions and crown lifting. 

The idea behind this is that it helps speed up the pace of play by reducing the chance of offline shots coming up short after striking lower branches close to the fairway — meaning golfers have to take more shots. In addition to increasing the golfer’s chances of hitting the green, it will also give you a more aesthetically pleasing view of the hole.

The work should begin at the beginning of November with the areas being redeveloped as follows :

  • ALL trees between Nos. 6, 7, 10 and 11 to receive crown lifting and possible numbers reduced.
  • The plantation between the 2nd tee and 3rd green to be reduced in number.
  • The row of trees between the 18th and the driving range to be reduced in number.

This work will not only increase playability but will also improve light and air circulation, which is important for grass growth and make maintenance procedures easier to complete. 

As we will be well into autumn during November, we will be making every effort to ensure that play is affected as little as possible by fallen leaves and debris to surfaces. With temperatures dropping, grass growth is slowing and we will not need to cut as frequently, leaving an opportunity to keep up with the clearance operation. 

Competition & event news

Congratulations to Josh Spurgeon and Karen Taylor who are the 2020 Race to Le Touquet Order of Merit champions.

They finished top of their respective leaderboards after seven events. It has been a busy 10 weeks after the campaign started at the beginning of August with the St George’s Day Cup.

Final places

Men’s Order of Merit: J Spurgeon 500 points, J Beer 370, L Howell 340, E Feddon 315, W Boys 310, A Wilson 280, P Huntley 275, M Coulson 270, D Washer 255, C Coulson 250, E Richardson 250, T Valionis 250, S Reaney 240, S Copley 220, R Salvage 220, R Fright 180, S Dixon 175, R Guard 175, C Skiller 165, S Babington 160, B Watkins 155, R Taylor 150, V Parker 150, S Earley 150, J Tulloch 145, R Howell 140, D Morris 130, D. Hare 100, C Gardner 100, T Parker 100, W Bado 100, C Harris 100, J Holland 90, G Biggin 90, C Young 90, T Hull 90, D Read 80, R Salvage 70, A Cluett 70, Jamie Speight 70, Ben Ransley 70, B Watkins 65, D Innes 60, M McLaughlin 60, J Ward 60,  Stevens 50, B Fudge 50, Jon Barker-Gray 40, B Scott 40, R Brooker 40, N Lanston 40, S Daniels 30, S Forde 30, K Franklin 30, B Robins 30, A Elisak 25, Vince Parker 25, F  Parr 20, J Maginnis 20, A Money 20, M Snow 10, P McAllister 10, C Appleton 10, A Bado 5.

Ladies’ Order of Merit: K Taylor 990, J Fautley 880, M Jeffs 705, T White 490, L Cluett 600, K Earley 410, J Garfield-Field 410, L Hoare 280, B Carpenter 265, G Crabb 230, L Nokes 180, L Craven 175, J Kidd 160, J Gibbs 150, J Thompson 130, M Jeffs 705, S Pearce 50, C Young 40.

Our inaugural Redlibbets Society Masters was a big success. Society groups are hugely important to the continued development and improvements of club facilities and the event was a ‘thank you’ to those groups who have shown their support  in this hugely difficult year.

All Covid restrictions were strictly adhered to and the feedback from visitors was outstanding. Course Manager Damon Kirk had set up the course fantastically and the clubhouse staff, kitchen and golf operations were on the top of their game to make sure everybody had a day out to remember.

Member news

Winter rates: Members should be aware that we put into effect a new points matrix on October 26th for the winter golf season to March 31st to reflect the new playing conditions in terms of light etc.

This will offer both Member guests and Flexible Members a much more economic rate when playing over the winter season. Details can be found here.

Join the Golf Passport: If you are an existing Member of a Get Golfing club, you can play UNLIMITED golf at our other venues for just £25 a month or £300 a year (with a 7-day lead time for booking your tee time). Why not organise a 4-ball with your friends and enjoy an away day at another course near you? Remember you can use your Club Card across all Get Golfing sites as well! Please note that flexible members have their points deducted based on the time and day of play. Please click here to learn more.

Golf news

World Handicap System updateAs a golf club, we are the data controller for any data stored in IntelligentGolf about the membership. Members may be interested to know that, as part of the WHS license agreement with England Golf, certain fields of your member data are requested to be uploaded to the WHS.

The club’s data privacy policy has been set to require consent from all Members before any data is sent — and to send placeholder data for any Members who do not have an email address or who have not provided consent.

Members are able to set their privacy preference but please before doing that, within your Member log-in, go to My Golf and then Preferences and verify your email address and tick all the appropriate boxes that allow you to receive communications.

Only then go to My Golf, My Rounds and click on the WHS Privacy Link.

FYI: If you click on the link below you will be able to view the latest communication sent out from England Golf to help golfers understand the new WHS system which comes into action from November 2nd.

Please remember that Intelligent Golf and all golf support companies have no access to anyone’s handicaps or playing records until November 2nd so any discrepancies or problems with any uploads cannot be resolved until after this date.  The last upload from England Golf to the WHS takes place at 8.00pm on the 1st of November so things are constantly changing on a daily basis until this time.

Pro news

Chipping Masterclass: Our PGA professional George Lings is putting on a Chipping Masterclass. After a successful Putting Masterclass where clients decreased their putting average by 5-7 putts, George has decided to set up another Masterclass for Chipping.

The session is two hours long, 12pm -2pm, on Friday, November 20th, and will include technical support, different shots around the greens, drills and pressure games to improve your short game.

Please see the artwork for more information. There are only five places available so please do book in via George [email protected] as soon as possible.