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The Team

Redlibbets Golf Academy provides coaching from PGA qualified 
professionals for all standards of golfers from beginners to experienced 

David Harris
PGA Professional

David is a fully qualified PGA professional and started out playing golf from a young age where the love of the game grew. He turned professional after reaching a +1 handicap and played in various events including Euro Pro Tour and Jamega Tour then going into coaching and completing a foundation degree with The PGA.

David has worked with a variety of golfers from beginners through to professionals and has worked extensively with juniors and their long term development. His main role is the day to day management of Redlibbets Golf and Country Club but very much enjoys coaching, seeing golfers improve and giving advice to the younger golfers.

To contact David please email [email protected]

Jerri Sewell
ASSISTANT PGA Professional

Jerri is an extremely positive coach and you will often see her laughing and joking with her clients. She realises that there is not one specific way to swing a golf club so can easily adapt her teaching methods and drills to suit each individual. She is able to deliver simplistic lessons, with all of the most important information, making it as easy as possible for the golfer to understand. Jerri also has a clear technical understanding of the swing for those who prefer a more in-depth explanation and analysis of their technique.

She has a successful coaching career, teaching numerous county and England players as well as beginners and intermediates, with great success. Her wealth of teaching knowledge is helped by her successful playing career from a young age, winning numerous competitions at both county and national levels, as well as professional wins.

With advanced knowledge in all areas of short game. Jerri is passionate about this aspect of the game and has retained further education and information on how to teach and deliver the highest standard of coaching.

Jerri also has a keen interest in strategy and decision making on the golf course and feels this is the quickest and easiest change to make to your game to quickly reduce your handicap. Ladies’ golf and participation is something that she is well invested into and hopes to grow during her professional career. The most important thing to Jerri is that every person who participates in golf is having fun and enjoying the experience.

To contact Jerri, please email [email protected]

Olivia Cooke
Assistant PGA Professional

Olivia has dedicated her life to playing and learning the game of Golf. She began playing at the age of 4, her passion for the game grew while living and playing in Dubai. This is where she decided a career in golf was for her.

After leaving school Olivia played for the county and England and soon after attended the Lee Westwood golf college, where she graduated with the highest grade achievable scoring 100% and grading at a triple Distinction*. After leaving the Westwood school she took part in the Junior European open in 2016 and also won the Women’s club championships in 2017 at Kings Hill Golf Club where she first picked up a golf club.  This has all led up to her participating in PGA events and charity golf days for charities such as the Variety club.  Olivia also promoted her professional career and charity work whilst competing in Miss England 2019, in which she became a finalist.

Having spent the last 3 years building up her coaching portfolio, she gained a reputation for being able to plan and execute highly successful; Junior camps, schools, including juniors with disabilities and individual adult lessons. Her coaching technique has been described as fun, interactive and simplistic. Tailoring each of her lessons to the individuals personality. As well as helping golfers of all skill levels achieve their golfing targets she is also highly driven to grow the game and branch out to people who wouldn’t necessarily give the game a go.

Olivia’s ambitions are to grow the game of golf for both genders, juniors and also those with disabilities as she believes that people of any age and ability can take part.

Olivia believes the golf swing can be too complicated so her approach to coaching is to keep it simplistic while maintaining the correct fundamentals throughout the swing.  She is one for having fun during the lessons but to also make sure her clients are going away with the correct swing thoughts and drills to help them move forward with their game.  By combining easy to follow drills and her excellent communication skills, she is able to make sure each client goes away with a clear picture of what is needed.

To contact Olivia, please email [email protected]

George Lings
ASSISTANT PGA Professional

George was a late starter to the game but caught up with everyone else very quickly. From the age of 17-19 George went to Performance Golf Academy, where he had an early introduction to sport coaching as well as elite golf training. In George’s final year of the programme he was elected as the team captain, showing great leadership skills with the team making it to the college finals.

Since turning professional George has put a lot of focus and research into developing his coaching skills working very closely with numerous Top 50 UK Golf coaches. Having developed his coaching skills George has a variety of players that work with him from PGA professionals to complete beginner. The learning never stops for George and he is constantly seeing other top coaches to continue his development.

George is a very passionate coach who enjoys seeing the improvements in his clients. Part of George’s coaching mantra is that his door is always open, which means clients are always welcome to send over swing videos outside lesson time to be analysed.

Every lesson comes complete with video analysis and a lesson review sent to you after the lesson.

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