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Announcing Ambassadors

Dear Members, 

As you will be aware, Get Golfing is a charity that was established to encourage the playing of golf and the obvious physical and mental benefits that come from the game at facilities that can be considered to be amongst the best in the area. In conjunction with these objectives is a number of separate sub objectives that includes introducing our clubs into their communities so that other local charities and non-golfers see our clubs as community hubs where non golf related activities take place.  We want our clubs to be welcoming, inclusive environments where new to the game as well as non-golfers feel as comfortable as those that are already part of the golfing fraternity.  We have introduced the three year commitment to each clubs dedicated charity and want to built on these relationships overtime. Each Club’s charity we will work closely with to support them in their endeavours, create greater awareness of their activities, and of course help them raise funds.

The journey from when Get Golfing take over a new club to its re-establishment within the Get Golfing ethos is often a challenging one and we recognise that at each of our sites we still have some way to go. While we have improved our communications, the ease of the transition requires individual members within each club to embrace Get Golfing’s culture and voluntarily support us with the cultural change in the respective club. We recognise that we are new type of enterprise, and many find it initially difficult to comprehend our modus operandi and recognise the authenticity of our entity.

At each of the clubs we have invited one, two or several members who we recognise have assisted with our initial journey as a way of saying thank you and hopefully encouraging more collaboration. We have decided to call the group “The Ambassadors Club”. These individuals have in common a sense of community, an air of positivity, and a willingness to support others.  Please join me in congratulating and welcoming our new Ambassadors:

Darren Read – Redlibbets

Lynn Craven – Redlibbets

Kevin Burroughs – Redlibbets

Lydia Hoare – Redlibbets

Tony Brunt – Pyrford Lakes

Ray Jupp – Pyrford Lakes

Kai Liang – Hampton Court 

Helen Webster – Hampton Court

Phil Duncan – Sherfield Oaks

Emma Clayton – Sherfield Oaks

Michael Kavanagh – Mill Green 

Karen Bond – Mill Green

John Smith – Mill Green

Dave Daston – Warley Park

We appreciate that decision making at your Club is not as it is at a members club and particularly in the early years there will appear to have been a number of enforced changes, but it is critical that you know that the management of Get Golfing have ears and will use them! In addition to each club’s annual Q&A lead by myself, the Ambassador’s club will meet on a few occasions per year to discuss and feedback from our sites. While recognising the infancy of Get Golfing (established in 2018) and the Ambassadors Club (established 2022), it is hoped that each Club will evolve along with Get Golfing over time into a hive of forward thinking innovation where a fun culture of “yes” and “ we can” will be nurtured within a collaborative environment. It is hoped that those members of the Ambassadors Clubs will, within the intended informal gatherings, to start to develop a far better understanding of what  well-meaning initiatives Get Golfing are developing and also it is hoped that the Ambassadors will in time be able to contribute with thoughts and ideas in the longer term direction of Get Golfing. Furthermore, they will play a pivotal role in communicating key points in the ongoing development of your club. It is our aim that they will help you understand the journey that we are on and that everything we do is for the good of game and their communities.

Get Golfing will from time to time approach other members of each club as they see fit. There are no pre-conditions for invitation. If you have any future questions, do please speak to your Golf Manager.

Yours sincerely

Edward Richardson


Get Golfing CIO.